Cultural Appropriation is Ancient History

One thing is clear, Blacks seem to be predisposed and driven  to share their most unfiltered sacred stuff with the world.  Much money has been made from this propensity, and Zuckerburg is not the first to harvest this gold mine. 

Most of our (Black people) stuff through the centuries have been stolen and either monetized; or, falsified claims of fake ownership are now filed and codified at the Library of Congress.  

Yes, the complete lineage of Black History has been either revised or hidden.  If every now and then we get to witness any drop of this astonishing history, that has been sold to the highest bidder, we continuously and erroneously think that our cultural inventory was simply limited  to the commoditization of our bodies in the slave trade.  

As we argue about cultural appropriation in modern society, guess what -  cultural appropriation is centuries old.  The next time someone returns from Africa wanting to sell you a rare plant that heals, you should be cognizant of history.…

OPINION: The Necessary and Unnecessary Pain of American History

As I listened to the choir sang "No Cross, No Pain", in my mind I envisioned how we must all be able to bare pain at different (or at some points) - everyone can testify to this reality as it's a integral part of the human experience on earth.  

Yet, the context that they were singing about was how Christians must be able to suffer though persecution on earth, that too is a part of pain index except the reward may be different.

Opining that there are two major types of pain on earth - the necessary and the unnecessary need not be rocket science. 

As was aforementioned pain is a natural (necessary) phenomenon of the human life experience on earth - anytime one feels the slightest effect from being hurt it qualifies as pain.  

In the physical, it may be losing a love one and 'coping with the pain.  It may also be about being rejected for a job that you really want - that cause a lot of pain.  

Yet the aforementioned are common occurrences, we will continue to lose love  one…

Ceiling Raised or Lowered: Is the US at-risk for becoming a failed state

It appears that man is at his wits end.  For centuries society has thrived off of man's inventions  from the the invention of the wheel to spaceships that can fly to the moon (and back). Yet man's genius at changing things and inventing things that can help the people live a more efficient and better life seem to have reach a ceiling.  Let's be honest for once.  Our nation (leader of the free world) is on the threshold of becoming a failed state.  However their might be a loophole in the meaning.  According to Wikepedia, it reveals that:  The level of government control required to avoid being considered a failed state varies considerably amongst authorities.  Furthermore, the declaration that a state has "failed" is generally controversial and, when made authoritively, may carry significantly geopolitical consequences. But let's be honest again, no other nation seems to have the guts to call America a failed state - maybe because of the fear of being attacke…

Older people can be cool


PART I: Humanitarian Intervention (HI): The Greatest Fraud on Lovers of Human Life

The imperialHumanitarian Intervention (HI) is probably the last frontier of imperial fraud that we will ever experience in theses end times.  As one research think tank offers their take on the efficacy and nobility of the meaning of this phrase it should become clear that it is simply a tool that is used for more powerful nations to attempt subordinating less powerful - has nothing to do with the people that are the victims (collateral damage) and are left homeless, wounded and/or murdered.

Let's take a closer look.

While there have been a proliferation in debate on the merits of HI there is one, the MISES Institute (short name for Lugwig von Mises Institute for Austrian Economics).  that  continues to do research on global issues related to modern day global conflicts [Also, he reference here has nothing to do with  Austrian racism as objective research can been found in the most unlikeliest places].

This may go back a ways, but an article submitted by one of its progenitors  Ma…

The 'Imperial Hubris' in Syria is the Real Culprit Nobody is Talking About

Don't want to sound like a broken record, but my prescience is validated many times over by further substantiations on the ground. Several examples include: Turkey has never been an ally of Iran, or Russia but a pure hegemonic driven troublemaker intent on double-dealings, and is using the Kurdish as an excuse has always been a cover for the aforementioned.

'[The] inter-threaded imperial propensities'  of not only the U.S.,  Israel and friends (Saudi Arabia would like  to join the club),  but also Russia and Turkey;  all are indistinguishable members

Hence their foray into occupying sovereign land (in my opinion, shouldn't be a surprise to anyone: 2. Russia's interests in Syria is not based on loving anybody, but purely for strategic interests. Hence, they can thrive in a Baltic reality (a divided Syria) as long as they get something out of it.
These notions have been substantiated on several occasions including their (Russia) complacency concerning the Libya attack; t…

OPINION: My Open Letter to Facebook Owners and My Fellow Consumers on Facebook: 'Free' Opinion Counts

Interesting debate here.  Can you do without Facebook?  Would you do without Facebook?  Are you able or willing to debate whether or not it truly believes in free speech, or the opposite, censuring real debate?

As the debate on fake news has reached a problematic stage, we should be oblige to join the conversation, or not be listless on the matter.

Well if you are like me, I really like the Facebook social platform as it has open doors of communications not only locally, but globally; and successfully interweave the benefits of linking to other platforms, opportunities, etc.

People are sharing, promoting and keeping in touch like never before through writing, graphics, pictures, videos, podcasts, sharing, direct contact, commenting, you name it, Facebook is truly state of the art by its advancing of the technological modes of sharing as never before.  It wouldn't be far-fetch to consider oneself as a Facebook junky, some may even be seen as 'extreme' junkies (but that is …