Putin Really loves being a Part of the 'Imperial Nations Club'; Syria May be a Pun in the Game

And, when all of this truth is ignored, what is the outcome? Russia has a lot to account for, least of them is exercising its military might in a country that it has geostrategic interest. Beyond that the lines get a bit blurry. 

However, I opine that allowing both the U.S. and Israel to maintain its belligerent posture on the territory of its supposedly ally (Syria) is telling. Too bad both Syria and Iran are too preoccupied with survival to be concerned about reading tea leaves, and it can easily be construed as a status for vulnerability, for both. In my opinion, I feel that Russia has a unspoken policy of appeasement to anyone it sees as a worthy rival to its interest. 

Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. fit this profile perfectly - so, quite frankly, it is a conditional ally to both Iran and Syria, nothing more, nothing less. On any given day, It has, and will continue to accommodate the fluid statuses of those who can be classified as conventional enemies but friends the ne…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Today: When Something is Reported for the Future but is already Preeminent in Our Lives

While many see AI as a futuristic reality, I posit that it is is being implemented right now. That's right.
No, nobody or something have been totally displaced by this progressive (once pioneering) initiative, but AI is well and alive in many transactions that are taking place in today's society. To what degree, or 'how much' is another story - but it is here, to stay.
For instance, let's look at an example. On the internet where there is a wide-range of interest, the thing that most of us do is sign-up for something (FaceBook LinkedIn, etc). Part of the standard regimen or/and requirement is that you opt to release or share control of things that some may consider private or confidential (and indeed they are), like contact lists, management of browsing, emails, etc. Come on, you know what I'm talking about.
The information that you release normally is, what we will call, 'useable information'. The information is used in a variety of ways for a matri…


It's common now to find the multi-faceted impact of gentrification. Quite simply, people can't afford to go home anymore. (They should make another a movie). Yet it's deeper.
Try this mind-game: Meditate on how the system works regarding at least 5 of your daily transactions. What did you notice? You should have noticed that everything, good and bad, are interconnected - the system thrives on (I call it) 'feeding the legion of demons at the holy trough' where they suck on the spoils of the prey (the consumer). In this fictitious imagery, it draws its strength and is able to reconfirm its ability to screw the consumer on multi-fronts - at the same time.
Example (Partial): Let's take a simple parking ticket: it runs out you are not only paying for one actual ticket but the cops find a way to arrest (If you're lucky and not killed) you; you need to pay for towing to retrieve your car; you need to pay to be bonded out of jail using your mother's mortgage n…


Just when thought that it was save to go into the water, you are delivered the ominous facts about the real statuses of the economy in America.  We should be grateful that the highly regarded Economic Policy Institute (EPI) gives (continues to) us facts about reality on the ground as there is a prevalence of  a threat to our quality of life - it will continue to be devalued in 2018.The chart example and excerpt below are one of 12, that gives us a graphic view to help determine the depth and breath of our ordeal in 2018 (and beyond).  Te battlefield is not for the 'weak of heart' (especially not on the frontlines), when even those who are the strongest will be further tested in 2018.
The racial wealth gap is the clearest legacy of past discrimination in housing marketsAverage and median household wealth in the United States, by race



Today is #HumanRightsDay and the first day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ 70th year. Now that’s something to celebrate! — RightsInfo (@rights_info) December 10, 2017

You don't have to be a celebrity to be a target

Just think that we as a nation can be naïve especially when being unable to connect the dots regarding how 'high profile' people being vilified as a façade to cover the fact that all of us can be destroyed by the same pervasive machinations.

No, the systemic assault by a totalitarian infrastructure that attempts to indict the famous, it simultaneously each and everyone of us. The effect - the way it is happening manifests itself in every human activity of life.  The same that they are doing to be celebrity they are doing the same to you - of course, it's not publicized. 

For instance, let take a Bill Cosby.  Even as his sexual assault case is not a rarity, his celebrity is as many black men already incarcerated for the same charges are locked away.  You didn't know that?

Are you able to see it? Pray for clarity as the enemy does not discriminate - that's the tragedy when we 'little people' think that we are immune or are unable to see the deceitful connection…

First Iranian Military Convoy Enters Syria Through Land Route From Iraq – Reports